Connected campuses provide universities powerful ways to distribute information to students, faculty, staff and visitors throughout the campus. Academic institutions gain the control and efficiency of centralizing the information delivered to students and staff. If there is a need to distribute video and information throughout a campus from a central location, Vision2 and Inspired Digital Signage are the solution. They can connect information throughout a campus, a building, a classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium, and stadium.
Control and efficiency of centralized information are key to being a connected campus.
Digital Signage provides a powerful way to distribute important information immediately to students, faculty, staff and visitors on displays throughout the campus including weather, schedules, menus, breaking news, emergency messages and evacuation.
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Comprehensive video content management system provides broadcast capabilities as well as classroom capture, central storage and management of content with the opportunity to simulcast live lectures to additional classrooms or campuses, and an opportunity of creating a campus channel that broadcasts school content throughout a campus all with user friendly interface.
Security Footage Archive provides a simple user interface to activate quick changes to messaging and playlist for digital signage and to control and distribute the content stored on Vision2.
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