21st century, automated classrooms are not only a return on investment but also essential in implementing effective learning environments. Easy to use solutions for the educator that do not require any prior training or technology experience are key. After all, technology is meant to simplify the educator’s life, not further complicate it. Equipment should work the same from room to room – even if it was installed at different times, and it should be configured correctly when a professor arrives – so fumbling is unnecessary. AMX solutions simplify the use of technology by faculty and staff so they can focus on sharing ideas -Not on using the equipment.
Control and efficiency of centralized information are key to being a connected campus.
Automated Room/Campus provides unified control of lights, shades, screens, microphones, projectors, DVD players, cameras and computers. With the touch of a button the professor can even make a call to technical support – so they can fix a problem, immediately and remotely.
Classroom/Campus Monitoring provides broadcast capabilities as well as classroom capture, central storage and management of content with the opportunity to simulcast live lectures to additional classrooms or campuses, and an opportunity of creating a campus channel that broadcasts school content throughout a campus all with user friendly interface.